“You brightened up all my days with a love so sweet in so many ways,” sang the late Marvin Gaye. But are your days really the only things brightened up with love? We’re happy to report that it’s not. With love comes oxytocin, otherwise known as the love hormone, famous for providing that natural glow you so often see in people who blossom in happy relationships.

When it comes to skin, your skincare may need a little extra oomph in creating that gorgeous pink, flushed complexion we all desire sometimes. And what better way than the natural and intense rush of adrenaline you get from love? The best part of it all; it’s free!

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The Role of Oxytocin In Skin Health

Don’t get us wrong, quality products and a fantastic skincare routine are crucial in getting your skin into tip-top shape (we should know, we’re a skincare brand, after all!). But sometimes, a natural glow is where it’s at! Honestly, nothing beats the feeling and look of naturally luminesce skin caused by an influx of happiness, mostly when these incredible emotions experienced stem from romance.

It’s no secret that new relationships bring forth the excitement of getting to know your partner intimately and grow together through a shared journey of affection. The joy of that first physical touch, be it a hug, cuddle, hand-hold, or kiss, and emotional connection is enough to give you that burst of serotonin to ease your stress, elevate your mood and produce that radiant complexion we’ve all come to know and desire.


So say hello to your best friend—oxytocin! Often released within your system in the early stages of romantic relationships and sexual activity, this hormone functions as a neurotransmitter that cause you to feel a surge of positive emotions. It is produced by the hypothalamus (essentially a small region of your brain) and secreted by the pituitary gland that gets transmitted through your body along with dopamine and serotonin when you experience an attraction to someone. Call it a love high if you will.

Dr Schneiderman considers this hormone responsible for “bonding, social behavior, and attachment in mammals” and increases behavior, trust and empathy amongst individuals. Not only does it influence your emotions, but it also improves your skin. It’s been scientifically proven to reduce psychological stress and lower your body’s cortisol production (a stress hormone) to calm skin inflammation and reduce acne flare-ups and free radicals, improving your skin health in the process.

Remember, all skin conditions worsen with stress, and our skin ultimately listens to our brain. If you’re not happy, your skin will eventually follow and be the living, visual proof of this.

Sex’s Impact on Skin Health

With love, ultimately comes sex (or vice versa for some) and the euphoria that comes along with it. The primal art of making love comes with many health benefits (besides the fun!), the most notable being the increase in dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) hormone levels in your body to improve your skin’s appearance.

DHEA does this by increasing your skin’s thickness, boosting your skin’s hydration levels and decreasing the amount of pigmentation on your face. Sex also causes a surge in adrenaline—which we’ll talk about later on in the article—and helps you clean out your pores via the sweat produced during the act. This ‘exercise’ can also relieve stress and increase the blood flow towards your skin, thus, increasing the oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Talk about pleasure with benefits!

Adrenaline and Positive Influence’s Effect on Skin Health

Adrenaline for Skin Glow

You know that rush of adrenaline you get whenever anything remotely exciting happens to you? Picture that one spontaneous kiss you had that left you breathless. Yeah, that. Do you remember that look on your face right after? If you don’t, imagine flushed and pink cheeks, dilated pupils and plumped lips. That is the physical effect of adrenaline caused by thousands of tiny capillaries being dilated on your skin.

Of course, this is not restricted to solely people in love or those who are sexually active. Anything can cause adrenaline; an intense rollercoaster ride, rigorous exercise, or simply excitement over something minute. Specific skincare ingredients like retinol can also give you the pinkish glow you want.

Positive Influence from Your Partner

Did you know that your skin health can also improve from positive affirmations and influences from your partner? Yeah, shocking what love can do, huh! According to research, people in love are significant influences on each other and their lifestyle choices.

One clear example? A couple who wants to get in shape together. We’re pretty sure you’ve seen more than one couple go to the gym together and start a dual fitness regime. Or perhaps, a couple on the same diet so as to not make the other feel left out. Such influences can improve skin health greatly as healthy skin comes from a balanced diet and lifestyle as well.

Ultimately, healthy love is a great thing to have and comes with many advantages. Besides the radiant complexion you’ll get with oxytocin and DHEA, your skin will also thank you for the increased blood flow, nutrients and oxygen that make you feel younger along with it.

But that’s not to say that everyone has to be in a relationship in order to be happy and healthy in appearance. Love is not the only thing that combats stress or gives you a glow to your complexion.

If you’re single, thrive off it and experience your own form of oxytocin with stress-busting exercises like meditation or fitness regimes, and practice a good skincare routine to discover your own state of happiness and get a self-love glow!

October 25, 2022